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Cell phone numbers going public is an urban legend. 


If you see spamvertizing about cell phones going public, it is an urban legend. See Attorney General, Department of Consumer Protection: Don’t Believe Viral Emails Suggesting Cell Phone Numbers will “Go Public”


More college officials learn about applicants from Facebook

The number of college admissions officials using Facebook to learn more about an applicant has quadrupled in the past year, underscoring the effect social media has on U.S. culture and academic life, a survey shows. Googling is nearly as prevalent.

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OS X Lion update accidentally outs user passwords in plain text, stumbles over FileVault


Are you an avid user of OS X’s FileVault encryption and running a recently updated version of Lion? It may be time to consider changing your passwords. According to security researcher David Emry, users who used FileVault prior to upgrading to 10.7.3 may be able to find their password in a system-wide debug log file, stored in plain text outside of the encrypted area.


Still I have found no Aliens.


Protect-IP and SOPA Act

Have you heard of the Protect-IP and SOPA Act proposed by our congress and supported by the lobbyists from the major media outlets. These Acts are reflective of the Internet laws used in China, Iran, and Syria for censorship of information and prosecution. On the surface it may seem OK, but dig down. These acts are far reaching.